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Housing mediation | search | costs

Are you looking for a suitable living space to rent? We are happy to assist you with this. You can register with us for this with a search and for further mediation. Unfortunately, we are unable to help everyone, so we would like to check your housing requirements first. Please send us a message via Whatsapp with the information below and we will contact you:

  • First and last name (from yourself and partner/friend)
  • Age
  • Profession or study
  • Type of accomodation (room, studio, appartment with 1, 2 of 3 bedrooms)
  • Desired date to start renting
  • Budget excluding and including gas, water, electricity and local taxes.

  1. The registration fee for our agency is € 25 per person. The registration is valid for a period of one year.
  2. After we have found you a suitable accommodation, we will ask you for a brokerage fee. This fee amounts to 60% of the monthly rent (including advance payments for deliveries and services and energy and excluding 21% VAT).

Our offer

Our housing offer mainly concerns the city of Utrecht. We offer different types of living spaces:

  • rooms
  • studios
  • apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • houses with more bedrooms

Rental prices

The amount of the monthly rent depends on various factors, such as: type of home, location, surface, independent or shared facilities, etc.

How we work

First of all, we make an inventory of your wishes. After we have a suitable living space available for you, we plan a viewing together with you. You can schedule a viewing as often as necessary in the year of your registration. Ultimately, the landlord determines to whom the accommodation will be rented out.